Perfectly imperfect, practical and comfortable, eclectic and classic — what’s not to love about American Farmhouse-Style Homes?

Today, the American Farmhouse-Style Homes represent a simpler era when families gathered in the open kitchen and living room.

The main types we notice fall into three buckets—modern, industrial, and traditional takes on a Farmhouse-Style Home.

Need some ideas for your upcoming design project? Check out our gallery below!

What is Farmhouse-Style?

American farmhouse “style” was initially a matter of practicality: a wide, deep, apron-front sink simplified chores, you needed a long, sturdy table to serve your whole household, and room-spanning, hand-hewn, exposed ceiling beams were ubiquitous (because they kept your house standing). Just 1% of us live on farms these days, but following their recipe for warm, welcoming spaces is as easy as pie. Gather ingredients like these to bring the farm to your table (and chairs, walls, floors … you get the idea).


Farmhouse style originated out of necessity, not as a deliberate response to other dominating styles. Early farmhouses were built with what was easily attainable, including wood, stone, and other natural materials. Once the industrial revolution hit, farm life became easier, which took farmhouse style from a necessity and elevated it to a coveted aesthetic. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, farmhouse style became mainstream and spread to homes not part of a functioning farm.

3 Popular Types of Farmhouse-Style Homes

  1. Modern Farmhouse
    “Rustic meets Refined” is what Modern Farmhouse style is all about. Smooth lines, glossy accents, simplicity, and neutral or monochromatic color schemes achieve a contemporary look warmed with farmhouse style.
  2. Industrial Farmhouse
    ‘Industrial farmhouses are known for their bright red barns and rusty metal roofs. The inside of these houses features exposed brick or concrete floors.
  3. Traditional Farmhouse
    Traditional Farmhouse Homes are classic, vintage, and rustic. These homes are known for their covered porches, large doors, giant kitchens, and natural wood accents.


Need some ideas for your upcoming farmhouse-style home design project? We have assembled a collection of photos to help you with design inspiration for your home!

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