Building a Modern-Style Home in Austin


Building a Modern-Style Home in Austin, TX


Austin remains one of the the most diverse cities in the state of Texas! With all of that diversity comes many types of homebuilding styles! Modern Style homes have been one of the most popular architectural styles for many home owners in Austin for the past decade. If you are thinking of building a modern-style home in Austin, Texas, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about modern style homes.

What is a Modern-Style Home?


A modern home is one that reflects the current style, which in this case would be 21st-century architecture and design. It’s evolutionary, meaning it changes and grows as we do, constantly adapting to what’s new, intriguing, and trending in the world of home design. Because the concept of a modern home is so fluid, it often overlaps with other interior design styles. For example, today’s contemporary homes present many similar elements of modern boho, farmhouse, and mid-century modern design—serving as a testament to the trending nature of these styles.

History of Modern-Style Homes

The era of modern architecture is generally thought to have begun sometime after the modern period of the rough first half of the 20th century and the postmodern period that was a reaction to it beginning in the 1960s and continuing through to the ’90s. Therefore, buildings from the late 20th century to the present moment might be referred to as works of modern architecture. Some notable modern 21st-century architects include Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Tadao AndoShigeru BanSantiago Calatrava, and the late Zaha Hadid.


3 Popular Features of Modern Style Homes in Austin

  1. Irregular, asymmetrical façade
    Asymmetrical patterns provide an element of surprise and interest. A modern home may have bump-outs and walls on several planes for visual interest.
  2. Open Floor Plan
    Clean lines and open spaces – these words describe modern houses. When looking at modern floor plans, you’ll notice the uninterrupted flow from room to room as every plan is designed with form and functionality in mind.
  3. A mixture of Wood and Stone Exterior
    Wood, stone, metal, and gray paint make are all popular modern home materials. This combination especially complements modern architecture that uses lots of straight lines, but it can also give an older home a modern flair.

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